How It All Started!

This was meant to be my very first post. However, I later wanted it to be the latest post. To remind me of where it all started.

All of these blogs is where I got my confidence to not only pursue taking beautiful images - but to pursue taking them onto a higher level.

Being hand picked not only for these, but in the many publication below, is truly a humbling experience. Out of thousands of submission, I've been lucky to be accepted into each I've tried for. That is something that brings me pure joy & makes me very proud of myself.

Not to shabby for a self-taught artist huh? ;) This is where I know everything I work & continue to work for is worth it.

Gothesque JR. Magazine | 5.4.16

Another publication alongside my niece, yay!

This was part of another session shot a looong time ago. It was the afterthought that I never thought I'd actually use. However, once I converted one of these images into B&W... it all changed.

Part of the MASK theme for the month, I fell in love. Shot in a 3 foot space inside my brother's kitchen & voila! You can get some stunning images!

Dreamingless Magazine | 3.8.16

This was the SECOND publication for this super cute retro-inspired shoot alongside Lisette. This has been a publication that I had been dyinggg to get into! So proud to finally have done it.

Lisette killing it like always. And a huge thank you to Betty & Jenni for helping me out so much that day!

Beau NU Magazine | 2.25.16

Working with Lisette after our snake shoot has been aah-mazingg!  I really love her look and she always delivers great images. The vibe.. the vibe, I tell ya. 

This was a fun and colorful Retro inspired shoot that was thankfully published twice! Lisette has a closet to die for, so styling out of her things is a dream. It's like  my own real life Barbie doll!



BACK COVER | Gothesque Magazine | 1.13.16

My first publication of 2016 AND landed back cover, WHAAA!

This is where I can't help but be proud of myself. I gathered these girls (which one was unbelievable and let us borrow her snake babies for this shoot), came up with a theme and styling in like two days, then did all of hair and makeup plus of course the photography.

Hard work pays off. But most of all it allows me to express myself, my crazy ideas and visions, plus proving I can pull it off. Most work in work in groups of 3 or more... I can create images like this with my own two hands. Thank you ladies for killing it for me!