Who I am & what I love to do, revolves around Art.

I'm Maria. The unique, adventurous, (slightly) crazy and energetic rad gal behind MOEP.

I'm a big personality and love translating who I am into every single one of my images.

I love finding beauty in the unexpected and making people see things in ways they've never before. 

I have a very distinct style, point of view, and a clear voice that bleeds right onto my art and into everything I am.

My goal is to create work that stands out - always giving you unparalleled, one of a kind images. 


I have been blessed with artistic & creative freedom from a very early age.

I was that little girl busting moves on the dance floor amidst all of the adults & holding my own lol!

The girl who crafted meticulous Barbie houses out of shoeboxes and garage sale finds. 

The one who would torture her friends while she performed Selena songs all afternoon.

I've always been that slightly over the top, loud and expressive girl. A little kooky, a little out there.

My Mom always had music blasting in the house day and night, and a disposable camera in her hand for most of my childhood.

She has empowered me to follow my passion as she always yearned to do.

It's the small things that have shaped exactly who I am.

Music, dance, and the arts is what has kept me sane. Where I can pour all of myself into. 


Now here I am - where every moment spent capturing lifetime memories for others has brought overwhelming joy and purpose into my life. 

In the end I'm just a girl chasing her dreams.


That's a bit of my story, now let's tell yours...