The girl is fierce.

I was moving images onto hard drives when I came across Miss Lisette's image folder. I have not had the chance to shoot personal concept or fashion sessions like the many gorgeous ones I have with her in a long time - so as I scrolled through her images, I immediately felt a new wave inspiration again. So I just had to share with you the short but amazing journey we have had together. 

We ended up working together on a whim, when I booked that super sick snake shoot late last year. We ended up meeting through a mutual friend and I couldn't be more grateful. Not only is she like a walking closet (seriously, she has the best wardrobe and accessory collection than most stores I know), but she simply kills it on every shoot all while being a super sweetheart. Those to me are my favorite kind of people, the kind that have those two great contrasting sides. And it's what my work is all about.

This blog is a collection of some of my most favorite images I've shot with Lisette up until now. I'm happy to say that all of these images have been created from beginning to end with my own two hands. Creating concepts, doing hair, makeup, styling every outfit, and of course capturing these gorgeous shots. A big shotout to Jenni also for always being the lifesaving extra pair of hands I sometimes need!

This is where I feel I thrive the most. Where I see how influential and useful I can be on any fashion shoot like this. While majority of shoots as such take 3-6 people behind the scenes, I am able to achieve it with just myself. I have many different talents, and I love to be hands on as much as I can be.  I've been lucky to have been published in small independent magazines and blogs - however, it would be a dream come true to one day be published in one of the many magazines I truly admire. The posing, the attitude, the mood, and the angles is the editorial edge I like to bring to every session. 

It all started with these scary beautiful pythons... she was so brave and so damn good!

We then sent Chicago a lil' shotout with some hot hot shots!

As the night went down, we stepped it up with some dramatic lighting and an outfit to match!

Taking a more 60's vintage vibe, this session is one of my all time favorites. 

And thissss is my latest session with her that I haven't shared yet but the first image - the other two do not have my final edit, but I just felt like I had to give you a little preview of this future blog post!

That last image? I DIE. I was inside the water 3 feet from her!

Shooting with me is an adventure. But I am right by your side experiencing it with you!


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I always love to work with new fresh fierce faces!