this is one for the books!


This session has honestly been the hardest for me to cull (choose which images to keep or discard) so far, as well as simply just choosing my favorites! This is my first set of twins ever, and my first family of all gorgeous drop-dead girls. I know Joel here from High School, so as always, it is such a surreal and amazing feeling to see people you grew up with falling in love and raising beautiful families. 

They were all an absolute blast and those two little firecrackers truly stole my heart. My style of shooting is a mixture of posed and photo-journalistic shots. I love to let kids be kids. Never forcing them to sit in a pose while I try every trick in the book to get a forced smile. I love to move at their pace, taking in and coming into their element - rather than forcing them into mine. To me, those moments of silent wonder, those moments they think I'm no longer looking, and those small glimpses of real smiles mean so much more than any cheesy shot. And I think that's exactly what I was able to capture with them.

I truly loved this session from beginning to end. The older sisters already had experience in front of the camera, so we breezed through some gorgeous shots in minutes. The love between Joel & Krisann is evident, and I loved seeing their connection evolve in front of my camera. Thank you SO much for this opportunity guys, please come back soon with those two super cute munchkins of yours!


A modern, fun, & great looking kind family!