This blog has been a long time coming, and I am just so ecstatic to finally be able to showcase more of my work for all of you! Until now, I had been posting only one-five images of each of my sessions on my Facebook page. Never really allowing you in, into all of the amazing portraits I truly get to capture in a photoshoot. With this blog, I aim to give you a more in depth look at who I am. What I do. And how I do it. Simply a chance for you to see my thought process before as well as the final gorgeous results from my full sessions.

I have really grown as a person and as an artist since beginning this photography journey of mine. I am completely self-taught so I am very proud and in love with my work and how far it has come. I always stay true to me, my style and my point of view. I aim to give you artistic portraits that allow us both to stand out above the rest.  

I consider myself an artist with a camera first, rather than a photographer. My guarantee is not only to deliver you pretty pictures, but rather to tell the story of you with my unique perspective and one of a kind professional edits. 

You get more than the average with Maria Onyx Espinoza. 



For this Frida Kahlo inspired set I wanted to take a darker and moodier approach. I began pushing and improving myself and my work by creating concepts and taking creative control from head to toe, just like this set. Everyone has their own outlet. Those moments of pure joy and fulfillment. To each it's very different. And this is what it's like for me. Being able to take a dream, a thought, a lyric in a song and then turn into a reality is beyond words.

this is what i feel like i was made to do. i have had so much creativity and energy since i was a kid, so being able to create and capture moments like this means everything to me. My dream has always been to be in fashion one way or another. And that is what I aim to bring to every one of my sessions regardless. A more modern and editorial approach to all of my work. 

 My niece, Ariana, who modeled for this was the first person in front of my camera ever. With her I got to practice and develop my skills day by day. She is also a fabulous storyteller with her body and face. Whatever I ask from her, she executes it flawlessly. I did her hair and makeup (which is something I end up doing for many personal concept shoots like this and was also a past side gig), and also styled her with a few thrifty finds all under $9. We shot this in a tiny little park by my house and in less than 20 minutes. Proving once again that my specialty is turning very little, into something grand and beautiful. Thanks Mom & Sistas, I learned from the best! ;)


There are a million and one reasons why I love this woman and why I connect with her so much that I'd bore you to death trying to explain all of them. The simplest way to put it, is that this was a woman who took all of her shortcomings and turned them into strengths. She had quite the intense personality and spirit - she said what she meant, she did as she pleased, and nurtured her raw talent into something magnificent. She broke barriers and truly became a feminist icon for many, especially for a Mexican woman of her time. 


"It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply." 

-David Jones


In these images, I wanted to portray the glimpses of quiet chaos that anxious creatives like me constantly go through, even when things around them seem to appear perfect to others. The moments when those million little thoughts race through your heart and mind all at once and you can't stop them. 


"I was a heavy heart to carry
My feet dragged across the ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown"

press play to make this experience even better as you scroll. make you feel a little of what i feel.





Model: Ariana Espinoza

Hair/MUA/Styling/Concept/Photographer: Maria Onyx Espinoza


hope you loved these as much as I do!

come back to see more posts soon!